Crankies and Cantastorias

We have been honored to participate in several Cantastoria and Cranky gatherings hosted by our esteemed friends Claire Dolan and Dave Buchen. Here is the the poster from Banners and Cranks, NYC and Bi-Vitititiri, Puerto Rico, both posters made by Dave Buchen:

Claire Dolan performing “Historia de una Rata” in Puerto Rico as part of the Bi-Vitititiri show.

Here are pictures of Cantastorias and Crankies that we have made and performed:

Above is pictured the “Where Are We Going” Cantastoria from the Old Reliable Horsedrawn Spectacular and a cranky from the Boxcutter Cabaret being performed in Philadelphia. Below is a picture of Lindsay performing her robot cantastoria as the Professor D. Wabbit.

This is Adam presenting “Old Timey Resistance Manifesto” at the Packer-Schopf Gallery in Chicago