Flying Cardboard Theater Puppet Shows!

Flying Cardboard Theater is a collaboration between two pals and puppeteers who have been making shows for two decades. We are dedicated to making traditional puppet shows, performing live puppet shows and making puppets using traditional methods. Since we established Flying Cardboard Theater in Detroit in 2019, here are some of our creations:

The Adventures of Kitty Montellier

2022. An all-ages show about a young Detroit artist named Dimitri. He goes on a wild adventure all over Detroit and Belle Isle when his cat is mistakenly abducted by an ice cream truck driver. He meets many different people, plants and animals on the way.

Written by Lindsay McCaw, Puppeteers Jason Hicks and Oliver Pookrum, Music by Lindsay McCaw. This show was made possible by a grant from Michigan Arts and Culture Council. It has been performed at St. Peters Church, Detroit Puppet Company and Arts Beats and Eats festival and more. This show is available for performances!

American Vegetative Lowlives Gone Wild

2022. This all-ages show explores the sordid lives of the unwashed and less cultivated members of the plant community. Depicting relationships between oddball plants, the performance is a snapshot of their mundane and grotesque existences. Hosted by a very unprepared scientist, the audience will similarly be unprepared for what they are about to see!

This show debuted at Open Eye Figure "Theater's Toy Theater After Dark" mini-festival in 2017 and returned in a new, enhanced version to the Detroit Puppet Slam 2022 hosted by Detroit Puppet Company at Ant Hall in Hamtramck, MI.

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Squirreled Away

2021. An experiment in making an all-cardboard show about under-appreciated animals. We used images from our surroundings in East Detroit: pizza toting squirrels. A story of what might be happening behind the scenes emerged and it took us all the way to outer space. We collaborated with musicians Joel Jackson and Walter Prettyman. Written, Directed and puppets made by Jason Hicks, Lindsay McCaw and Kristi Ternes. This show debuted at the Detroit Puppet Slam

A Mortal Danger

2020. A puppet show about ourselves during the pandemic. This show was about the undercurrent of technology profiteering that seemed to grow exponentially during the lockdown. It was made for Cafe Concret (Montreal) “Constellation Cabaret 37” which took place online.