Mayday and Halloween Show, Minneapolis

We owe a lot of our greatest experiences to the arts community in Minneapolis, MN.
Pictures of Mayday 2010: This Mayday Parade turned out to be a lot of fun. We managed to find some pictures here and there. Featured here are six dedicated puppeteers dressed as roosters pulling two golden chariots with winged archers atop accompanied by a flower clad band of horns drums and “thunder sheets.” It was memorable.

This first picture is from Lindsay’s first year on the Mayday staff. It is Old Man River or the Father of Waters in the 2007 parade.

Lindsay and Federica Collina menacing little red riding hood in the 2009 Barebones Halloween Show as giant vultures.

Lindsay’s earthen piggy bank/wild boar from Mayday 2009 lovingly puppeted by Dan and Paul

2008 Mayday Racing Towards Collapse section

Spindle + Grendle, Halloween 2006

Adam as Zeus, Halloween 2008